Distribution with BOND/360


Hey everyone,

We have some big news to share. We wanted to let you know that our film is officially going to be distributed worldwide by BOND/360!

They are based in NY and have released some amazing documentaries over the past few years including Alex Winter¹s Deep Web, Particle Fever, Sign Painters, and a whole lot more. They also led marketing for films like Exit through the Gift Shop and Senna. You can check them out here: http://bondinfluencefilm.com/

We could not be more excited and have already been working with them on a plan to release the film globally. Also, keep an eye out on our social media (@8bit_generation and fb.com/8bitgeneration) and website (8bitgeneration.com) as we start announcing screenings of the film.

Things are kicking into high gear, so stay tuned for more details!

DVD’s and BluRay’s for the Kickstarter backers are on the way, and there will also be a small surprise!