Bruno Grampa

(8bit bruno)

Official bio:

BRUNO GRAMPA, passionate about technology, had the privilege of being a witness of birth and growth of information technology. Since he was a child, surrounded by computers, he decided that he would always follow this path. When he could, in his own way, he has also been a pioneer, innovator and curious.

Journalist and writer, he loves telling stories of people and their passions.

I’m a retro-addicted collector (you can read about it on and, with Tomaso Walliser founder of the 8 Bit Generation documentaries.

I’ve done many of the interviews, written and produced our documentaries, tried to distribute them. In my free time, I love to hack everything and build electronic devices for old computers.

“Enchanted by these amazing stories of success, our purpose is to remain focused on the human side of them, both the good and the dark one. We like stories where professionalism and love, genius and dedication live side by side with ruthlessness and greed, ambition and betrayals: an explosive mixture which very often is the necessary basis to achieve the kind of greatness that is bound to change our world”. (B. Grampa, 2016)