Tomaso Walliser

It’s quite difficult, at least for me, to describe who Tomaso was. It was my friend and that’s maybe enough.

This is his official bio, written by himself:

TOMASO WALLISER was born in 1971, perfectly in time to be swept up by the digital revolution, sci-fi movies and techno pop.

After a degree in Philosophy at the Università Cattolica of Milan, he has been an author and executive producer in the italian television (RAI, SKY, LA7, MTV and ALL MUSIC).

He also has been a screenwriting teacher, acting coach, a selector for universities, musician and ultimately entrepreneur.

In 2008 he founded Junk Food, with which he produced documentaries, fiction and entertainment for all kind of platforms, often playing as director also.

I assure you that when you said to me “Bye, big brother” it was a two-way farewell, and I’ll always keep you in my heart, and sooner or later I will write a more complete bio. In the meantime I’ll continue working on our projects, keeping you alive…

“We strongly believe that the human side of the stories we tell plays a key role in our work. Our main goal is to talk about technology without forgetting the extremely important contribution of the people involved in it. Technology changed the world, but this has been possible because of a certain number of people who put their creativity, uniqueness, love and passion in what they were doing and we’d like to continue to deliver these messages to our audience”. (T. Walliser, 2016)