Computer History Museum


Mar 30, 2016: at the Computer History Museum the first screening of “Growing the 8bit Generation”. An event that we will never forget!

IMG_6500It was a really long day started, in the morning with Bil Herd and Leonard Tramiel.Time to visit the museum and start talking about Commodore and the 8bit era.

What honor and privilege having them as guides!





After the visit some rest and then the surprise of seeing the museum dressed with our logo:

IMG_7244 IMG_7250

What a crowd: it was full!


John Hollar introduced the documentary, an exciting moment after so much hard work


At the end on stage with John Hollar and Bil Herd to explain the project and answer some questions

IMG_6529 IMG_6536

But there was, hidden in the public someone ready to come out. Guess who?



“I have something to say!”

It’s always great to have Chuck Peddle talking about what happened…








At the end there was time to talk all together…


And for this shot, with Al Alcorn, Chuck Peddle, Leonard Tramiel and Bil Herd