We are at the end of this really successful campaign. Our thank goes to all the people that have trusted in us and in our dream.   It was really amazing understanding that our vision is shared and appreciated by a lot of people. Now it’s our turn: we will work hard to deliver a product that can give back all the trust and hope we have felt.

A special thank goes to Jason Scott: his support and advice was fundamental for us.

In these weeks we have also understood the importance of memories and the value of the interview with Jack Tramiel.  At the end of the commercial life of this project we will donate all the raw footage to the Internet Archive and Computer History Museum. We don’t want that, at least these memories, will be like “tears in rain”.

As usual we have our own way to say thank you and is to tickle not with one but with two short clips. The former is absolutely amazing, and the end scene from “what was happening behind the scene” with Nolan Bushnell will make you laugh… It’s the story of the game Breakout and how the most famous Silicon Valley duo moved their very first steps

The latter is just a romantic voyage in these tech stuff that we love…